Food Access

Mobile Food Pantry Food Distribution

The Cleveland Foodbank Mobile Pantry Program is a monthly program where a food truck full of perishable food is brought to a central location where clients can pick up fruits and vegetables as they would from a regular pantry but free of cost to the client. The truck will usually contain 100% fruits and vegetables (such as apples, cabbage, greens, sweet potatoes, onions, carrots, oranges, melons and more). CMHA Mobile Food Pantries are open to the public.

CMHA currently hosts Mobile Pantry programs at the following locations:





3rd Monday

2452 East 46th Street, Cleveland, OH 44104 (Community Center Parking Lot)

Riverview Towers

3rd Tuesday

1745 West 25th Street, Cleveland, OH 44113 (Back Parking Lot)

Cedar High Rise

3rd Wednesday

2320 East 30th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115 (Parking Lot behind High Rise)

Lakeview Towers

4th Wednesday

2700 Washington Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113 (Parking Lot behind Lakeview Tower)

Mt. Auburn

2nd Thursday

3061 East 93rd Street, Cleveland, OH 44104 (Community Room)

Union Square

4th Thursday

3495 East 98th Street, Cleveland, OH 44104 (Community Room)

Woodhill Community Center

3rd Thursday

2491 Baldwin, Cleveland, OH 44104 (Community Center Parking Lot)


1st Friday

12000 Wanda Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44135 (Hi-Rise Parking Lot)


3rd Thursday

1350 Crestline Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44109 (Rear Parking Lot)

For more information, please visit the Cleveland Foodbank Website :

Any mobile food pantry questions?  Please call (216) 271-2832.