Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2

CMHA, through a consortium with the City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and the Cuyahoga Land Reutilization Corporation, was awarded a $6.75 million grant through HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 (NSP2).  HUD launched this program in 2009 to help stabilize neighborhoods whose viability has been, and continues to be damaged by the economic effects of properties that have been foreclosed upon and abandoned. Since being allocated this funding, CMHA, has been busily pursuing opportunities to expand affordable housing opportunities throughout Cuyahoga County. CMHA is currently pursuing two development opportunities using NSP2 financing:

Lee-Miles Senior Building

Lee-Miles Senior Building RenderingThis new senior building will be located off of Lee Road at Miles Avenue in Cleveland, OH. The area, situated in Ward 1 of District 4, is home to a significant population of individuals, aged 55 and older who are seeking alternative forms of housing that will enable them to remain in their current neighborhood. 

According to the Lee-Miles Neighborhood Plan Summary from the City Planning Commission of Cleveland, over 90% of the housing in the Lee-Miles District are single-family homes, compared with 53% city-wide leaving residents with limited housing options.  In order to meet the needs of the Lee-Miles community, CMHA and Union Miles Development Corporation are currently developing a 40-unit senior building that will serve this aging population, using NSP2 financing. 

The development will be comprised of 40 affordable one and two-bedroom units and will feature amenities like ample parking, onsite laundry, a community room, exercise area and warming kitchen. Currently, the plan is to offer 10 two-bedroom units and 30 one-bedroom units that will range from 780 sq. ft to 1000 sq. ft.  Although there will be 12 dedicated UFAS units and 3 dedicated audio-visual units, every unit in the facility will be adaptable to UFAS compliant standards.  

The development of the Lee Road Senior building will be the catalyst, along with its sister-site, Miles Elderly, that will bring new life to this community.   Both buildings will feature innovative design features that will complement the neighborhood.  Both buildings will occupy vacancies on major streets (Lee, Miles and 119th). Most importantly both buildings will provide new housing options to this community thereby meeting the City Planning Commission of Cleveland’s goals of improving the quality of housing, reducing vacancies and developing housing that is connected to the broader community.

Euclid Belmore Senior Building

Euclid Belmore Senior Building RenderingCMHA is using NSP2 grant money to develop this 36-unit senior building in East Cleveland, OH. The 3-story, U-Shaped building will sit on the intersection of Euclid Avenue and Belmore Road. 

There will be 30 one-bedroom units and 6 two-bedrooms with open floor plans, ample closet space and generous room sizes.  In keeping with our commitment to serving persons with disabilities, CMHA has included 8 units that comply with Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards. In addition, all interior and exterior amenities on the property will be handicapped accessible.

Laundry and trash facilities will be placed on each floor, for added convenience.

The Local Advisory Council, the building’s resident advisory group, office will be located on the 2nd floor.  The building will also further CMHA’s commitment to green living with the addition of recycling receptacles in the 1st floor trash room.

Unique building features include a Winter Garden, which is an enclosed space that provides year-round access to greenery, and allow residents to sit in the peaceful setting during Cleveland’s long winter months.  A secondary outdoor seating area will feature grills and beautiful landscaping design.

Euclid Belmore will be constructed using Enterprise Green Standards (EGS). This ensures that the new site will only further advance CMHA’s commitment toward developing sustainable housing. While the full list of features have not been finalized due to the project’s early stage of development, EGS places special emphasis on Integrative Design, Location and Neighborhood Fabric, Site Improvements, Water Conservation, Energy Efficiency, Sustainable Building Materials, Healthy Living and Operations and Maintenance.