Western Reserve Revitalization & Management Company

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Western Reserve Revitalization and Management Company, Inc. (WRRMC) is the nonprofit development arm of the CMHA. It allows CMHA to better leverage funding resources to complete projects in support of its mission. In addition to development activities, WRRMC is an active partner in coordinating special projects that help improve the quality of life for all residents.

The mission of WRRMC is to be the provider of high-quality homes and services for low-to-moderate income families in Cuyahoga County by creating communities in which everyone feels proud to live. These ventures have created housing opportunities for families through the construction of mid-rise apartments, townhouses and single family homes.


  • To revitalize neighborhoods in Cuyahoga County and in particularly the City of Cleveland and East Cleveland through planning and rebuilding.
  • To assist CMHA in the planning, undertaking, developing, construction and operation of housing for families who are low income.
  • To develop, construct, renovate, acquire, own, lease, manage and sell interests in real and personal property.
  • To promote and participate in other housing related or educational activities that assist residents of CMHA.

Relationship to CMHA

  • WRRMC is a subsidiary of CMHA. CMHA is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio and has the ability through the State constitution to create 501(c)(3) entities.
  • The organization is currently staffed by the parent company (CMHA).
  • CMHA’s primary source of revenue is funding administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). A vast majority of CMHA funding is federally restricted towards property management and maintenance.
  • It is envisioned by the WRRMC board of trustees that WRRMC will expand its focus beyond development initiatives due to the social service needs of CMHA residents.