11806 Miles Ave., Cleveland, OH 44105Miles Elmarge Apartments
Entity: Miles-Elmarge LLC
Number of Units: 140
Year of Original Construction: 1971

Emergency Generator Replacement

  • Replace existing Emergency Generator
  • Project is expected to be received at the August Board Meeting, with work expected to commence in 2024
  • Cost: $177,984.00 Funded by 2045 Transformation, LLC

High Rise exterior restoration

  • Building wide restoration and sealing of the exterior elevations of the High Rise
  • Completed September 2022
  • Cost of $122,830.00 funded by HUD CFP Grant

Parking Lot Restoration

  • Resurfacing of the existing parking lot, which includes addressing potholes. Applying a top layer and restriping of the entire parking lot
  • Project completed August 2022
  • Cost: $53,519.00 funded by HUD CFP Grant

High Rise Fire Alarm Replacement

  • Complete Upgrade and Replacement of the existing Fire Alarm system property wide, including units and common areas of the High Rise.
  • Project completed January 2022
  • Cost of $213,876.00 funded by HUD CFP Grant