Severance Tower

25 Severance Circle, Cleveland, OH 44118Apartment Building
Entity: Severance Redevelopment LLC
Number of Units: 189
Year of Original Construction: 1979

High Rise exterior restoration

  • Building wide restoration and sealing of the exterior elevations of the High Rise
  • Project expected to commence fall 2023
  • Cost of $678,100.00 funded by 2045 Transformation LLC

Parking Lot Restoration

  • Resurfacing of the existing parking lot, which includes addressing potholes and restriping of the entire parking lot
  • Project expected to commence summer 2023
  • Cost: $138,550.00 funded by Western Reserve Revitalization and Management Company

Stove Top Suppression Canisters

  • Installation of above range fire suppression canisters designed to suppress a fire if detected.
  • Project expected to complete 2023
  • Cost of $23,300.00 funded by 2045 Transformation LLC