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Become an HCVP Landlord

CMHA has expanded its Housing Choice Voucher Program to assist over 14,000 families in Cuyahoga County. To meet the demand for housing, we need good landlords.


Housing Choice Voucher Program tenants typically pay 30% - 40% of their adjusted income for rent, while a rent subsidy (paid by the CMHA Housing Choice Voucher Program) covers the difference between the approved contract rent and the tenant's rent payment. This guarantees Housing Choice Voucher Program landlords will receive a portion of the rent on time each and every month.


Being a Housing Choice Voucher Program landlord provides the satisfaction of making it possible for low-income families to enjoy quality, affordable housing. Landlords benefit as well by enjoying the following aspects of the program:

  • Stable payments

  • Yearly inspections of the unit(s)

  • Fair market rental rates

  • Renter responsibilities defined in the lease addendum

  • On-time payments from the third of each month


Additional Benefits of the Housing Choice Voucher Program

  • Landlord Training Conferences
    Low-cost and free training opportunities are scheduled 2-3 times per year, covering information such as Ohio Landlord/Tenant Law, Housing Choice Voucher Program procedures, unit maintenance and lead-based paint issues. Landlord training conferences are also great opportunities to network with other Housing Choice Voucher Program landlords.

  • Housing Choice Voucher Program Newsletter
    This publication keeps landlords and Housing Choice Voucher Program participants up-to-date on program changes, answers commonly asked questions, advertises trainings conferences and much more.



It's just good business to meet the needs of your community by providing good affordable housing to tenants, and there is also the guaranteed rent. You can bank on receiving your Housing Choice Voucher Program rent subsidy check on time each month. You will also benefit by joining the network of over 7,000 Housing Choice Voucher Program Landlords in Cuyahoga County who are successfully providing housing to over 14,000 families.


Renter Responsibility is Part of our Contract

The Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority has made responsibility part of our contract by including landlord and renter obligations. The obligations on the part of the renter are to:

  1. Pay the assigned share of the rent to the owner in a timely and consistent manner

  2. Meet lease conditions

  3. Pay a security deposit

  4. Permit reasonable inspection by CMHA and the owner

  5. Give CMHA notice of change in income, family composition or intent to move as per HUD regulations

  6. Cooperate with CMHA's review of income

  7. Avoid criminal activity


Steps to becoming an HCVP Landlord

1. Advertise available property at or The owner may list properties free of charge.


You may also wish to advertise your property through a newspaper or alternative source. If so, please place in your ad that "vouchers are welcome."


2. Screen Applicants. Once your property is listed, it is the owner's responsibility to legally screen applicants for suitability as tenants. If you receive calls from applicants interested in your unit, take applications, show your unit and choose a family you are interested in renting the unit to.


3. RFTA. (Request For Tenancy Approval) Packet. The family chosen by the owner will provide the owner with a packet of moving forms. Please fill out the forms completely. A lease will be included in the packet. The owner may also use his/her own lease. The lease is the agreement between the owner and participant. Both the owner and participant should sign and date all forms where indicated. The owner or participant should take the completed forms to HCVP at 8120 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44104.


4. Inspection. An inspection will be scheduled on the available unit. All units must pass a Housing Quality Standard (HQS) inspection in order to qualify for the program. The owner will be notified of the date and time of the inspection. The unit will either pass or fail the inspection. If the unit fails, the owner will be given a list of failed items and ample time to make corrections to the unit. A re-inspection will then be scheduled. A final rent offer is made after the unit passes inspection.


5. Contract. Once the unit passes the HQS inspection, a final rent offer will be made. Upon acceptance, a move-in date will be established. The owner will be scheduled to sign the contract in the office, via email, or fax. The contract is the agreement between the owner and CMHA. The contract will be for 12 months.


6. HAP Payment. After the contract is signed by the owner, the monthly HAP payments will begin. CMHA will make the initial HAP Payment and continue to make monthly payments as long as the participant and the property continue to meet program criteria. HAP payments are made to the owner on the third of the month. All new owners must sign up for Direct Deposit of their monthly HAP payment. Also, it is the owner's responsibility to collect the participant's monthly portion of the rent and enforce the lease.