Resources for HCVP Landlords

Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

It is important that all property owners become familiar with and adhere to the local building codes and ordinances governing rental properties in the community where their rental units are located.

CMHA defers to local codes. If the Housing Authority receives notice from a municipality that a unit is in serious violation of a housing code, the Authority will accept the housing code violation as a violation of Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Failure to show that the deficiency is corrected within 30 days will result in the unit being abated.

This applies to physical code violations, such as wiring deficiencies that may not have been identified through the HQS Inspections process, but which fail to meet the municipality’s standards as defined in the building code.

It also applies to requirements for rental registration and/or certificates of occupancy. For instance, owners of rental units within the City of Cleveland are required under housing code ordinance §365.01 to obtain a Certificate of Rental Registration.

Remember if a rental unit is not in compliance with the city in which it is located, it is not in compliance with the HCVP.

HCVP Participants also have the responsibility to comply with city standards and laws, including but not limited to:

  • Maintaining un-littered yards
  • Putting the trash out at the appropriate time/day and in the manner the city requires
  • Keeping conversations and music volumes at a reasonable volume
  • Abiding by the city’s ordinances
  • Respecting the property of neighbors

Bed Bugs have become a common issue for many people throughout the country. The following guide can be used to assist with preventing and alleviating bed bug infestations. View the bed bug guide.

The Cleveland Department of Public Health is currently offering many training programs for landlords to do the following:

  • Lead Abatement Contractor Course

  • Healthy Homes Practitioner Course

  • EPA Lead-Safe Renovation, Repair, and Painting Training

For more information about any of these programs please visit the Environmental Health Watch website at

Owners seeking a certified lead abatement contractor can access the Ohio Department of Health’s Licensed Service Provider database.

Information about how the EPA Lead Law will affect the HCVP Inspections process.

Currently there is money available to help Landlords make their occupied properties lead safe and/or healthy (moisture free and free of asthma inducing triggers). Listed below are some beneficial resources:

Additional links: