Rent Affordability Calculator

HCVP Utility Allowance Chart (PDF)

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Annual Income - The anticipated total income of an eligible family from all sources for the 12 month period following the date of determination of income, computed in accordance with regulations
Adjusted Income - Annual income, less allowable HUD deductions and allowances (including the Dependent Allowance of $480 for each family member who is a minor, family members who are 18 and older who are full time students or who are disabled as well as the Elderly/Disabled Allowance of $400 per family for families whose head of household or spouse is 62 or over or disabled, Allowable Medial Expenses for all family members of an eligible elderly/disabled family, Allowable Child Care Expenses and Allowable Disability Assistance Expenses)
Which appliances (if any) will the applicant provide?
  • The affordability calculator only applies to new contracts.
  • It views the landlord's requested rent from an affordability standpoint. HUD regulations stipulate that the rent be both reasonable and affordable. Therefore, even though the calculator shows that the requested rent is affordable, this does not mean that it is necessarily reasonable. Once the rent reasonableness test has been conducted, you could be presented with a final rent offer for less than your original request, because of this.
  • Income, family composition, payment standards are subject to change after the completion of the affordability test.
  • Unit bedroom size to be confirmed at the inspection.
  • This calculator is a guideline for rent costs only. This calculator does not necessarily represent your actual final rent costs.