HCVP Customer Service Survey

INSTRUCTIONS: In an effort to improve services at CMHA, please rate your experience.  Select the response that best describes your experience.  If a question, does not apply to you, please mark the response as N/A (Not Applicable).  Space is provided for you to comment on the customer service experiences that you encountered.

Background questions
  1. How often do you have to visit the CMHA Housing Choice Voucher Program Department?

Moving through your visit
5. Knowledge of staff at the main information desk
6. Ease of moving through the security checkpoint
7. Speed of the check-in/registration process
8. Degree to which you were informed about any delays
9. Wait time (from arriving to leaving)
10. Comfort and pleasantness of the waiting area
11. Length of wait before meeting with a CMHA representative
12. Comfort and pleasantness of the Resource Room
13. Friendliness/courtesy of staff in the check-in/registration area
14. Ease of getting through to CMHA on the phone
15. Our helpfulness on the telephone
16. Promptness of returning your phone calls
17. Accessibility of the Landlord Portal
18. Friendliness/courtesy of staff conducting your property inspection
19. Friendliness/courtesy of staff in the Resource Room
20. Friendliness/courtesy of staff in the Finance Department (Processing check payments, handling inquiries, etc.)
21. Rate the quality of the information at the landlord briefing
Overall assessment
22. Our concern for your privacy
23. Our response to concerns made during your visit
24. How well the staff worked together to provide service
25. Overall rating of our service during your visit

May we contact you for additional feedback regarding your experience?

What is your preferred method of contact with CMHA?