Tenant-Based Waiting List Information

If your family's name is on the CMHA tenant-based waiting list, we will begin to process your application when your name comes to the top of the list.

You cannot, however, sign up for the HCVP Tenant-Based Program at CMHA unless you were a successful "winner" in the lottery. Due to funding limitations, the HCVP Tenant-Based waiting list is presently closed to new applicants. When it reopens, announcements will appear in the newspaper along with directions on how to apply for the lottery.

You may apply for HCVP anywhere in the country where there is a housing authority with an open waiting list. Some housing authorities require you to live in their jurisdiction or area for the first year, and others allow you to use the Tenant-Based (also known as Section 8 voucher) anywhere you want right away. You must check the policy of the housing authority where you apply. A list of other housing authorities in the United States is on the HUD web page at www.hud.gov.

Project-Based Waiting Lists

Several project-based waiting lists remain open with preferences for families meeting certain criteria:

  • Homeless - Applicants who are applying to reside only in a property designated to serve homeless households in need of supportive services.
  • Chronically Homeless - Applicants who are applying to reside only in a property designated to serve chronically homeless households in need of supportive services. A chronically homeless applicant is an unaccompanied individual with a disabling condition, or an adult member of a homeless family who has either been continuously homeless for one year or more, or has had at least four episodes of homelessness in the past three years.
  • Fairfax Intergenerational - Applicants who are applying to reside only in a property designated to serve adults 55 years of age and older with legal custody of one or more minor children, who are applying to reside in a property designated to serve intergenerational households in need of supportive services.
  • Tenant Based - Applicants who wish to apply for the Tenant-Based Housing Choice Voucher Program must complete a pre-application lottery form when the lottery is held.
  • Mod Rehab - Applicants who are applying to reside only in a property designated to low income families.
  • Project Based - Applicants who are applying to reside only in a property designated to low income families with supportive services attached with admission.

Project-based housing is different than the tenant-based voucher program that most people know. Project-based housing assistance is attached to certain specific buildings and does not transfer to private landlords in the first year.

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The Housing Choice Voucher tenant-based waiting list remains closed.

General Project-Based and Moderate Rehabilitation Waiting Lists Open June 15, 2015

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP)

The Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority is scheduled to open waiting lists for General Project-Based units (two, three and four bedroom) and Moderate Rehabilitation “Mod Rehab” units (one, two and three bedroom) at 8 a.m. on Monday, June 15, 2015. The General Project-Based waiting list is scheduled to close at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, June 19, 2015.  The Mod Rehab waiting list will remain open until further notice.  Please note: These waiting lists are not the Tenant-Based Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) waiting list, which is closed. 

Project-Based and Mod Rehab are rental subsidy programs for low-income families.  Families subsidized by CMHA through these programs pay 30 percent of their income to the landlord for rent, and CMHA pays the balance.

Project-Based and Mod Rehab rental assistance is attached to the property rather than the family itself.

Assistance is only available at the specific properties listed in the chart below.  Families should only submit a pre-application if they are interested in residing at one of these properties when a vacancy occurs.

Placement on the Project-Based or Mod Rehab waiting list does not guarantee eligibility to move into a Project-Based or Mod Rehab property.  Program eligibility will be determined when the family’s name reaches the top of the list and a vacancy occurs at one of the properties listed below.  The landlord of the property may also screen for tenant suitability.

Submit a pre-application: visit https://www.cmha.net/webapp, scroll down to the bottom of the screen, then select “HCVP”
General Project-Based Waiting List Moderate Rehabilitation Property Locations Moderate Rehabilitation Property Locations (continued)

Historic Newton at the corner of
East 97th Street and Newton Avenue


Single family homes under contract with Cleveland Housing Network in
the Hough neighborhood


Educator Apartments (55 years or older)
9275 North Church Drive
Parma Heights

5412 Lorain Avenue (3 Bedroom)
1990 West 54th Street (2 Bedroom)
817 East 88th Street (2-3 Bedroom)
2040 Robin Avenue (1 Bedroom)
3429 Marvin Avenue (1 or 3 Bedroom)
1458 East 115th Street (1 Bedroom)
15025-15027 Madison Avenue (1 Bedroom)
2004 Elmwood Avenue (1 Bedroom)
12405 Detroit Avenue (1 Bedroom)
2019-2023 Quail Avenue (1-2 Bedroom)

5617 Hamlet (2 Bedroom)
3337-3349 East 55th Street (1-2 Bedroom)
7808-7810 Cedar Avenue (3 Bedroom)
1809 Fulton Road (2 Bedroom)
562 East 140th Street (2 Bedroom)
13901 Othello Avenue (1 Bedroom)

Equal Opportunity Housing

Beginning June 15, 2015, persons 18 years of age and older can submit pre-applications online at https://www.cmha.net/webapp.  Once there, select “HCVP” at the bottom of the screen.  The head-of-household will have to provide date of birth, social security number, address, general income information, and the names and ages of any additional family members.  While the waiting list is open, pre-applications may be submitted online 24 hours a day.

Any computer with an internet connection can be used to submit a pre-application.  CMHA has a limited number of computers available for public use at its Main Campus Building, 8120 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, 44104, during normal business hours.  For more information, call 216-271-2500.


Board of Commissioners:  Robert E. Davis, Chairperson; Stephanie Pope-Earley, Vice Chairperson;
Nadine D. Head, Barry A. Withers
Chief Executive Officer:  Jeffery K. Patterson  HCVP Director:  Latweeta Smyers

CMHA provides reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities.  If you need an accommodation, including auxiliary aids and/or services, please contact CMHA’s Section 504/ADA Coordinator at 216-348-5000 (voice) or 800-750-0750 (Ohio Relay Service).