Central Family to Family Collaborative

Stokes Mall ImageThe Central Family to Family Neighborhood System of Care (Central Collaborative) is a collaborative partnership between Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) and Friendly Inn Settlement House (FISH).

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority has over 80 years of experience serving the needs of the community. In the 1990’s, CMHA began efforts to revitalize housing stock and provide alternatives, like Scattered Sites housing, and increasing Housing Choice Voucher program sites (formerly Section 8). In addition to providing housing, CMHA also provides a variety of services to enhance economic and social well-being of its residents. There are five CMHA family estates in the Central area. Because CMHA residents comprise such a large portion of the neighborhood, CMHA is charged with servicing their needs. We are very familiar with the community, its resources, and barriers. With well-established resident organizations and presence in the community and serving as a site for the Neighborhood System of Care program, CMHA responds to the needs of the clients and facilitates collaboration among community organizations, both those which are neighborhood-based, and those which service the neighborhood, but are located elsewhere.

CMHA’s Carl B. Stokes Social Service Mall was developed in 1994 and houses many social service agencies. The Stokes Mall serves residents as well as clients from other areas. We are able to not only addresses the needs of the residents, but also take on a leadership role, facilitating access to social services for residents of the City of Cleveland.

Friendly Inn Settlement, Inc. is a community-based organization, which has provided services within the Central Social Planning Area since 1874. Its mission is to improve the quality of life by cultivating and nurturing individuals, families and communities to become productive in the world economy. It is one of the oldest social service agencies which has always been located in and provided services within the Central Social Planning Area.

Friendly Inn Settlement, Inc. offers a variety of programs and services, which begin with women in their first trimester of pregnancy through the life cycle. Methods include outreach, case management, group work, and community organization. A state-of-the-art Early Childhood Enrichment Center serves six through 12 year olds whose parents are working, engaged in training programs, or enrolled in an educational program. An out of school time program provides structured activities for children and youth beginning with 1st graders through 12th graders. Family oriented activities includes: MomsFirst which serves mothers and fathers beginning in their first trimester until the child turns two years of age. Support to families are offered utilizing the Wrap Around Approach that helps build teams including formal and natural supports. Parent support groups as well as foster parent support groups are also offered. Family nights are planned and implemented to engage all members of the family. A Resource Specialist is available to provide service brokerage for families and individuals, social service providers, and systems serving Central families and individuals. A food pantry utilizing community volunteers distributes food two days per week provided by the Hunger Network and the Food Bank. Friendly Inn Settlement, Inc. also serves as a partner with Shoes and Clothes for Kids and handles distribution of products acquired by Shoes and Clothes for Kids. Over 6,000 individuals are served annually.