Reasonable Accommodations

The Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) is committed to making its housing and programs fully accessible to persons with disabilities. For a disabled applicant, guest, participant, or tenant, CMHA has an obligation to make reasonable accommodations and modifications.

A reasonable accommodation is an exception or change that a housing provider makes to rules, policies, services, practices or regulations that will assist a resident or applicant with a disability in taking advantage of a housing program or dwelling.

A reasonable modification is a change to the physical premises allowing a person with a disability to overcome physical obstacles that interfere with his/her use of the dwelling or common areas.

The accommodation or modification must be necessary for the individual with the disability to fully use and enjoy their home or to participate in programs/services offered to other residents.

Requests can be made in any format (e.g. verbal or written). You may also choose to complete a CMHA Reasonable Accommodation Application: