Executive Leadership Team


Jeffrey Wade

Chief of Staff & Special Counsel to the CEO

As Chief of Staff, he serves as the principal counselor and advisor to Mr. Jeffery K. Patterson, engages with the Executive Team to facilitate the Authority’s mission, fosters the values defining...
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Terry Billups

Chief General Counsel

As Chief General Counsel, Mr. Billups serves as a visionary member of the Executive Leadership Team and provides strategic counsel and leadership on legal, business, and operational matters to advance the Authority's...
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Andrés González

Chief of Police

Andrés González, Chief of Police of CMHA, began his law enforcement career on June 1, 1981 with the City of Cleveland Division of Police. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1993 and served as Officer in Charge of various units...
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Carla Haren

Executive Administrative Officer & Board Liaison

Carla Haren has over 15 years of service to the residents of CMHA. Haren joined CMHA in 2008 and is responsible for overseeing all administrative activities supporting the Executive Office and...
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Dorivette Nolan

Director of Policy, Planning and Housing Mobility

Dorivette Nolan serves the community through participating on community boards and committees. Nolan has close to 20 years of housing experience, all of which have been at CMHA. Since 2016...
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Sharhonda Greer

Director of Conventional and Multi-Family Affordable Housing

Sharhonda Greer joined the Authority in 2002. Greer has held many roles during her tenure at CMHA starting as Clerk Typist at the former Garden Valley Management Office. Greer's...
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Heather Gaines

Director of Housing Choice Voucher Program

Heather Gaines brings over 15 years of quality experience to her team. Gaines has developed a proved track record of results that focus on customer service, program management and increasing Agency...
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Hema Steele

Chief of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As Chief of DEI, she seeks to identify and remedy potential sources of inequities in CMHA’s services and ensures that in all of its actions, CMHA is maximizing its impact on a diverse audience and...
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Bo Truett

Director of Finance

Bo Truett is a finance professional that brings over 30 years of accounting experience in both private and public sectors. Truett joined CMHA in 1999, and since March of 2021, he has led a staff of 25 and oversees the...
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Kristie Groves

Director of Resident Services

Kristie Groves provides leadership at all levels in the community with the goal of higher and improved program access, engagement and support for the residents of CMHA. She has executive oversight over...
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Matt Schmidt

Director of Modernization and Development

Matthew Schmidt oversees the long-term planning, development and implementation of strategic real estate and housing initiatives that include the Authority's public housing portfolio, mixed finance...
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Rachel Loewy

Executive Director of Western Reserve Revitalization & Management Company, Inc.

Rachel Loewy served as the Executive Director for WRRMC, the nonprofit arm of CMHA. Previously, she served as the Director of Modernization and Development...
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Ed Oliveras

Director of Purchasing

Edwin Oliveras brings over 40 years of Supply Chain knowledge to his team. Oliveras provides the Purchasing Department with support to internal departments in the acquisition and solicitation of all goods and services...
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Betsy McCafferty

Director of Human Resources

Betsy McCafferty oversees all human resources activities including organizational planning, onboarding, training, employee/labor relations, policy development, compensation, wellness, employee benefits, recruitment..
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Claire Russ

Director of Research and Program Analysis

Claire Russ brings over 15 years of housing experience to CMHA. She joined the CMHA Executive Office team in 2018, and since then, has utilized advanced qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze..
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Donald Butler

Director of Information Technology

Donald Butler join the Authority in 2001. He brings over 20 years experience in the public sector and non-profit field, currently overseeing the agencies computer hardware, software and telecommunication...
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Cortney C. Crockett

Director of Client Information Center (CIC)

Cortney C. Crockett serves as the Director of the CIC where she is leading CMHA's customer service initiatives to provide safe, quality, affordable housing opportunities and improve the quality of...
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Chad Jones

Director of Property Maintenance

Chad Jones joined the Authority in 1993. Jones' primary responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of property and system maintenance are developed, executed and administered in accordance with the U.S...
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Mark Hunt

Director of Compliance

Mark Hunt brings over 20 years of housing experience to his team. As Director of Compliance, Hunt is responsible for ensuring CMHA aligns with all federal, state, local and internal policies and procedures. He manages...
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Geno McGuinness

Director of Internal Audit

Geno McGuinness is responsible for the overall operation of the internal audit function. This includes developing and implementing the audit plan, supervising audit staff, and reporting results to the Board of...
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