Families with Tenant-Based Vouchers can port, or transfer their voucher, to or from any Housing Choice Voucher Program in the United States and its territories. This feature helps families to live in their area of choice and to have access to better job and educational opportunities as well as be closer to family and friends.

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To port-in, please have your originating housing authority send all required port paperwork to CMHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program. All port-in’s to CMHA must meet with following requirements:

  • Currently be in "Good Standing" with the originating housing authority
  • Meet CMHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Program’s current income guidelines
  • Head of Household and all household members over the age of 18, must complete and sign all required documents to process your port-in
Please bring the following documents with you to the port-in session:

  • birth certificates for all family members
  • Social Security cards for all family members
  • valid ID’s for all family members (age 18 and older)
  • proof of income for all family members
After the Port-In Session, families will be expected to attend the Movers Session to learn about the moving process. Please note, the Movers Session are held every Tuesday and Thursday (excluding holidays) at 2:00pm at the main campus. To schedule, you must coordinate the day with Regina Turner (216.271.2452, turnerle@cmha.net) or Tamika Johnson (216.271.2555, johnsonta@cmha.net).

Please note: The originating housing authority must send all required documents to CMHA before portability is established. Please follow up with your originating housing authority to ensure that this step is done before contacting CMHA.

Housing Authorities: Please submit all port requests (including the HUD-52665) through our portal.


To port-out, the Portability Request Form must be completed and submitted to CMHA’s Main Campus Building, 8120 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44104, or via email at cmhaports@cmha.net.

Families must be in "Good Standing" to be eligible to port-out. The following requirements are necessary:

  • Must have resided in your subsidized unit for at least one year and eligible to move under the current lease agreement.
  • Have completed a current Annual Recertification.
  • Head of Household and all adult household members, over the age of 18, must be present and pass a criminal background check.
  • Must not be currently pending/undergoing an eviction process.
  • Must be in good standing and not be under a Proposal of Termination status.
  • Must bring all family members’ birth certificates, Social Security cards, valid photos ID’s (for all adult family members 18 and older) and a copy of your 30 day notice to vacate or a letter from your landlord acknowledging your intent to vacate the unit.