Supporting strategic mobility, innovative housing and strong empowering services benefiting our communities.

Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority's strategic plan identifying key goals and objectives providing clear direction and decision making.
Message from Chief Executive Officer Jeffery K. Patterson

“The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan for the Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority is both a rededication of our commitment to our residents and program participants and a blueprint for building upon that responsibility. It lays out our core values of Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Safety (CARES) and provides a vision for how they will help CMHA become the best possible agency.”

Our Vision

To be the leader in cultivating safe, sustainable and dynamic communities of choice where everyone can strive for success.

Our Mission

To create safe, quality, affordable housing opportunities and improve the quality of life for the communities we serve.

Our Values

Our values govern the actions of all CMHA employees and Commissioners and establish a standard of excellence for the Authority. CMHA will embody the values of Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Safety in our decisions, planning and activities, in order to fulfill our mission, achieve our vision and better our communities in Cuyahoga County.

  • Mission-Focused
  • Sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • Teamwork
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Customer Service
  • Treat with Dignity
  • Honorable
  • Consideration
  • Superior Performance
  • Cutting-Edge
  • Innovative
  • Creative
  • Secure
  • Free From Danger
  • Managed Risks
  • Trust

Our Strategic Goals

These six goals are built on our values of Commitment, Accountability, Respect, Excellence and Safety.
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    Goal I

    Leverage new approaches for providing greater access to quality housing opportunities and choices throughout Cuyahoga County


    • Create a strategic Family Self-Sufficiency initiative that focuses on outreach to high opportunity neighborhoods to discuss the value and need for affordable housing within those communities.
    • Promote fair housing opportunities including, but not limited to: housing options for homeless, disabled, veterans and other special-needs families.
    • Evaluate and reposition the current housing portfolio to improve the quality of life for our residents and participants.
    • Develop a housing choice vouchers (HCV) program outreach strategy that recruits and educates partners and landlords about the responsibilities of being part of our HCV program, while also providing needed information to tenants about the various neighborhoods and their amenities and resources.

    5-Year Progress:

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    Goal II

    Strengthen programming and opportunities to achieve empowerment and self-sufficiency for youth and adult residents of CMHA


    • 8120 Kinsman Road, Cleveland, OH 44104-3101
    • Enhance resident safety, well-being and independence through partnerships for employment, job training, education, health and other evidence-based supportive services.
    • Develop and reinforce initiatives that help support residents transitioning out of subsidized housing.
    • Support and promote youth and adult learning and entrepreneurial programs.
    • Provide residents with full access and ability to connect to and utilize digital technologies.

    5-Year Progress:

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    Goal III

    Conduct CMHA business in an open and transparent manner that promotes accountability, responsibility, diversity and adherence to the highest ethical standards


    • 5715 Woodland Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44104
    • Manage the Authority's assets and operations to maximize the value and longevity of real estate and rental housing while ensuring that operations are cost effective.
    • Provide quality customer service consistent with Mission and Core Values.
    • Invest in our employees and strengthen our track record for integrity, accountability and collaboration.

    5-Year Progress:

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    Goal IV

    Engage and collaborate with community stakeholders and partners to achieve the overall mission of the Authority

    • (216) 432-5522
    • Value community knowledge, needs and experiences by listening, learning and researching; and, respond to issues compassionately, intelligently and intentionally.
    • Raise awareness about the Authority, its work and contributions to the community and the impact it has on the communities we serve.

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    Goal V

    Develop, support, and maintain a diverse, high performing, professional, innovative and sustainable workforce

    • Attract, retain and support a talented and diverse workforce.
    • Create a work environment that transforms bureaucratic systems by standardizing processes, reducing complexity and promoting responsiveness.
    • Enhance business process effectiveness through the use of analytics, metrics, innovative solutions and new online services.
    • Continue to build and maintain a fully integrated information technology infrastructure that meets the long-term needs of the Authority and provides the technological support for more efficient operations.
    • Develop and implement a performance management system based on organizational productivity, compliance and efficiency measures.

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    Goal VI

    Continue innovative approaches that embrace both traditional and non-traditional methods to make the Authority’s properties environmentally friendly and safe

    • Form a joint management-resident task force to assist with the implementation of HUD’s non-smoking policy and further develop partnerships with medical entities and nonprofits for educational programming and cessation classes for residents.
    • Develop a comprehensive and sustainable approach to addressing the short- and long-term operational and capital project needs of the Authority.
    • Provide viable, affordable housing options to ensure quality, safe housing for all.
    • Strive to incorporate sustainability practices into the management, maintenance and residential components of the Authority.

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