Civilian Advisory Board

Established in 2019, the Civilian Advisory Board (CAB) is composed of non-CMHA Police Department (CMHAPD) members who are tasked with overseeing, hearing, and investigating civilian complaints about CMHAPD’s practices. CAB will dictate the proper action, if any, to be taken based on their findings and report the resolution to the Chief of Police.

The board, which consists of four members, meets monthly to discuss the subject matter of any complaints and decides the disciplinary action to be imposed in cases when necessary. The CAB members work with CMHA to ensure that complaints filed against CMHAPD are thoroughly investigated and resolved. This oversight allows the CAB to hold CMHAPD responsible for civilian complaints so that the community's voice can be heard.

Group of Board Members

The Civilian Action Board’s Members:

  • Member Lillian Davis, Progressive Action Council, President
  • Member Dr. Tameka Taylor, Compass Consulting, President & Co-Founder
  • Member Natalie Leek, Providence House, President & CEO
  • Chairman Ronald V. Johnson, Jr., Esq., Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Senior Vice President & General Council