A grant awarded to CMHA in 2022 contributed to improvements of existing computer labs

Digital access and literacy are two important aspects of residential life to CMHA, and the Digital Inclusion team works hard to ensure that residents can make doctor appointments, pursue hobbies and other interests, connect to job interviews, and find recourses within the community. On-site computer labs provide a place for those seeking technological education, and residents can attend digital literacy classes where they will learn how to use various computer applications, establish the basics of internet safety, and gain the ability to navigate the world-wide-web with confidence. Once a participant graduates from the course, they leave with a new understanding of technology and their own computer to test their new skills on. 

Keeping the computer labs up to date is the key to providing exciting and current information to residents. The Spectrum Digital Education Grant was awarded to CMHA in 2022, and with that, the Digital Inclusion team updated and created labs in 15 different properties. The $40,000 award also made it possible for CMHA to increase its outreach and partnerships, which in turn has provided technical support and literacy classes to more residents. One of the partners, the Ashbury Senior Community Center, offers in-person classes at its main campus and other venues around Downtown. 

In today's age, digital literary provides more than social networking and entertaining videos. Those who have technological skills can use those abilities to apply for jobs online and the computer labs provided by CMHA are equipped with webcams so residents can attend virtual interviews. Regardless of the intended use, the computers provided to residents offer self-sufficiency and connectivity which will positively impact the lives of the users.