Olde Cedar

2202 E. 30th St., Cleveland, OH 44115Apartment Building
Entity: CMHA 
Number of Units: 550
Year of Original Construction: 1937

Roof Replacements

  • Replacement of 4 building roofs as part of an ongoing exterior buildings upgrade initiative slated for several years.
  • Project expected to commence Fall 2024
  • Cost of $797,770 funded by HUD CFP Grant

Stairway Step Replacement

  • Various buildings at MROP will have their staircases replaced.
  • Project commenced July 2023 and will be on-going for 2 years
  • Cost: $5,000,000.00 funded by HUD CFP Grant

Parking Lot Restoration

  • Resurfacing of the existing parking lots, which includes addressing potholes, sealing and restriping of the parking lot
  • Project completed 2023
  • Cost: $66,533.00 funded by HUD CFP Grant